"Nick has a great story of resilience and the courage to tell it. His message on overcoming executive loneliness is an important one for everyone to hear because the consequences are deadly serious. Nick walks his talk and shows that it is not weak, but strong, to ask for help."

— Andrew Bryant, Founder at Self Leadership


Executive Loneliness

by Nick Jonsson

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How to Avoid the Next Epidemic in Mental Health Causing Isolation, Stress and Anxiety in the Modern Business World That No One Talks About.

In his book, Executive Loneliness, Nick raises awareness, and aims to eliminate, the stigma around the phenomenon of executive loneliness, with a focus on the 5 (five) pathways to overcoming isolation, stress, anxiety and depression in the modern business world.

Executive Loneliness brings to the forefront an honest discussion about:

  • The pressures of being an executive,
  • Executive loneliness is actually quite common—though typically hidden, and 
  • The five primary ways an executive can emerge stronger and better from this difficult place.


About the Book

The goal of this book is to answer the question: "How do we overcome executive loneliness?".

That's what this book is about.

Exposing executive loneliness—and bringing to the forefront an honest discussion about:

  • The pressures of being an executive,
  • The fact that executive loneliness is actually quite common, though typically hidden, and 
  • The five primary ways an executive can emerge stronger and better from this difficult place.

Based on his own recovery experience, consultations with mental health experts, conversations with other executives who managed to recover from executive loneliness, and relevant research findings and the literature, as Nick see's it, there are five steps for either recovering from, or totally avoiding, executive loneliness.

This book itself details each of these five steps:

  1. Taking Stock
  2. Asking for Help
  3. Getting Healthy
  4. Nurturing Healthy Relationships
  5. Finding Your Purpose 

In the chapters dedicated to each step, Nick takes you through his own recovery journey, and provides you with deeply personal insights and perspectives—along with practical and actionable advice.


About the Author

Nick Jonsson is dedicated to raising awareness and eliminating the stigma around the phenomenon of executive loneliness.

He has identified that feelings of isolation and depression—personal struggles that he, himself, has had to grapple with and conquer—are much more widespread than we think.

Modern work culture encourages executives to project success and achievement when, in fact, thousands actually suffer in silence and denial.

This topic is close to Nick's heart. He has spoken about it multiple times, on the radio and television, at conferences, exhibitions, company events, and chambers of commerce, and he has been featured in more than 20 newspaper and magazines articles, including a four-page feature in The Business Times and a full-page in The Straits Times.

As the co-founder and managing director of the Singapore branch of EGN (Executives’ Global Network), Nick is passionate about matching senior executives in confidential peer groups where they can help each other face challenges and identify opportunities.

Having worked across Asia, Australia, and Europe representing major international firms, Nick has acquired expertise in international general management, direct sales, and marketing.

He has also been entrusted to serve as the vice-chairman of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Ho Chi Minh City, and the vice-chairman of the AmCham Vietnam Direct Selling Committee, positions that further demonstrate his ability to add value on a global scale.

He is highly self-motivated and enjoys participating in marathons and Ironman events. Nick also thrives on the adrenaline of speaking at conferences, seminars, and events. 

Nick is enthusiastic about supporting his local community.

He is a volunteer and fundraiser for the Samaritans of Singapore (SOS), a suicide hotline in Singapore.

He also does frequent community service for a support group for problem drinkers.

Now in recovery himself in his third year, he is also an International Coaching Federation (ICF) coach, who loves to work with executives to help them with their career and lifestyle choices.

Nick holds a bachelor of communication degree (marketing and advertising) and a master's in public relations from Bond University, Australia, where he graduated top of his class.

You can read more information about Nick on his LinkedIn page:  Nick Jonsson   



What People are Saying About Nick

Nick recently made an inspiring virtual presentation on Executive Loneliness to Mentoring Men in Australia (@mentoringmen). Our group of 100+ matches volunteer male mentors to other men who are seeking someone to talk with and confide in about the life challenges they are facing. Nick guided us through his own personal story and shared how accepting our own vulnerability and being able to open up to others can produce a powerful and life-changing effect on our future. Of all the keynote speakers to address Mentoring Men, Nick has been the most relevant and engaging, and we look forward to working with him again in this vital area to support mental health in the workplace.

John Ogier, Director of Learning & Enablement at Total Inter Action

Nick conducted a webinar for our company where he shared on the topic of overcoming the stigma of mental illness. During this challenging period, we launched a mental wellness campaign for our employees where we wanted everyone to not neglect their mental health. I am very glad that Nick was part of this campaign where he shared useful tips and resources. He also shared his personal experiences which made it very personable and real. Thank you again, Nick!

—Amanda Lui, Learning and Development Executive at Heinemann Asia Pacific

Nick is passionate about mental health among executives. He is sincere and authentic in all his interactions. He was a keynote speaker for our "Hear More 2020" event, and our customers were inspired by his journey and resilience. Nick’s workshop/talk illuminated the nuances of executive loneliness that many feel but don’t talk about. If you are looking to inspire your team or customers - especially during these difficult times, I would highly recommend Nick.

—Sharad Govil, Managing Director at GN Group

Authentic leadership isn’t a phrase I use often, but when I think of Nick, this phrase immediately comes to mind. Nick has shown time and time again his ability to authentically connect with people through compassion and empathy. He believes in genuine relationships and is a true “network connector”, who is very well respected and admired amongst his peers. Nick’s dedication to raising awareness by openly discussing mental health and executive loneliness has helped break down the barriers of this important topic. I have had the privilege of listening to his keynote and was immediately drawn in by his passion, vulnerability, and thought leadership.

Michael Henry, Chief Technology Officer at Singapore Sports Hub

Nick has a great story of resilience and the courage to tell it. His message on overcoming executive loneliness is an important one for everyone to hear because the consequences are deadly serious. Nick walks his talk and shows that it is not weak, but strong, to ask for help. I was honored when Nick asked me to coach him to craft his message and delivery so that he could fulfil his mission to bring awareness and action. I highly recommend Nick as a speaker to anyone who wants to add life-saving value to their conference.

—Andrew Bryant, Founder at Self Leadership

Nick put on a really good show on behalf of EGN last night. He gave a super emotional talk on his personal journey in dealing with executive stress, loneliness, depression, and related problems. Very thought-provoking. There was a really engaged audience representing the great-and-the-good of downtown Singapore, and it was nice to rub shoulders with some old friends too. Looking forward to the next event, Nick.

—Alexander Mearns, Founder at Levitise—Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Fitness Centre

Nick was one of my speakers speaking at PrimeTime Professional & Business Women Association. During the many occasions we were working together, Nick is always humble, dedicated, and committed to the cause. He inspires me and with his authenticity and resilience.

Ling Chong, Regional Lead, Talent Management & Learning Development (APAC) at Panalpina

Nick is a brave and inspiring professional who brings taboo topics to light. We need more successful people like Nick, who embrace and share about depression and suicide. Being fearful to speak about it won't make these issues disappear. Discussing them openly, on the other hand, brings awareness and a sense of belonging. Continue with the great work, Nick!

—Sandra Quelle, Chief Happiness Officer & Career Coach at The Happy Mondays Co.

Nick Jonsson is a person who has drive, ambition, and a willingness to perform. Nick works with his heart and inspires others to commit to targets by simply being himself. Nick sees the big picture as well as adapts to changes around him. Nick's creativity and rapid approach make him a leader that leaves no stone unturned. He delivers and does so together with his team.

Frederic Sebastian Widell, VP & Head of SEA & Managing Director India at Oriflame Cosmetics

We simply could not have marked World Suicide Prevention Day on 10 September better. For that, we have to thank our guest speaker Nick Jonsson, managing director of EGN Singapore. Nick gave one of the most authentic, courageous, and open presentations we have ever hosted. His topic was executive loneliness, which, if not recognized and treated, can result in substance abuse, wrecked lives, lost jobs and relationships, and, at its very extreme, suicide. As we all know, society still stigmatizes mental illness, which very often prevents people from seeking the help they need. Men especially. Thankfully, Nick did seek help. His best friend did not and died by suicide.

Victor Mills, Chief Executive, Singapore International Chamber of Commerce

You can find more than 50 recommendations of Nick on his LinkedIn profile page:  Nick Jonsson   

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